Remerciement en anglais pour maman

Voici une jolie lettre de remerciement en anglais pour maman.

Remerciement en anglais pour maman 300x187 Remerciement en anglais pour maman
Your are my eyes, really I don’t know what to say and from where to start I find no words That can express my love towards you. In fact , there are no enough meanings that can describe you …Im really unable to thank you and also my pen is unable too to translate my honest feelings towards you . 
Mother, you owe me a lot for what you have done for me… tell me, how can I satisfy you and be worthy of all what you have given to me…god bless you, I hope I would be able to recompensate You, may god keep you alive as much as possible to feed me with love and tender so that I can survive and carry on this hard life and overcome together the obstacles I will do my best to make you happy and proud of me, make sure that nothing would prevent me to realize your hopes…love you so much my dearest person in my life.

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